Iva Zegura

Iva Žegura is a specialist in clinical psychology and professor of psychology with a background in gestalt therapy and sexual therapy. She works at the University Psychiatric Hospital Vrapce in Zagreb, Croatia. Currently, she attends PhD studies. In her extensive practice, she has been cooperating with many professional and non-governmental organizations and departments of psychology by several universities for the past 16 years and is engaged in affirmative treatment practice with members of sexual and gender minorities. She is the president of the Section for Clinical Psychology and the co-founder and vice-president of the Section for Psychology of Sexuality and Gender Psychology by the Croatian Psychological Society. She is an active member of the Croatian Psychological Chamber as a member of Division for clinical psychology, several Committiees and Supervisory Board. She regularly participates in domestic and international psychological symposia, congresses and conferences that are focused on sexual health, sexual orientation and gender identity, human rights, cultural competences, gestalt therapy, psychological assessment, personality disorders, research approaches in gestalt therapy. As a specialist of clinical psychology she colaborates with several Departments of psychology in Croatia as associate professor and as mentor for student practice. She is also a mentor for graduated psychologsts during their one year program of internship. She authored several scientific papers, articles, and two books: "Psychological aspects of coronary heart disease" and "Coming out: to Understand vs./ feat. to Accept". She has written the chapter "Different forms of partner communities - psychological aspects of LGBT partnership and parenthood" in the university textbook "Psychological aspects of the modern family, marriage, and partnership". She co-edited the handbook "Fundamentals of Sexual Medicine" in which she participated with the chapter about gender dysphoria. Membership: Croatian Psychological Association, Croatian Psychological Chamber, EFPA, WPATH and EPATH, ESSM, Association of Psychotherapy Societies Croatia, Association of Croatian Gestalt and Itegrative Psychotherapists.