Ulrike de Ponte (Convenor)

Ulrike de Ponte is scientific director for the part Psychology at the Department of Applied Natural Sciences and Cultural Studies, OTH Regensburg /Applied University of Regensburg, in Germany. As head of the additional study programme “Intercultural Compentence” her research concentrates on what makes an encounter an intercultural one, how (and for which sense) does “the intercultural” emerge, and on processing intercultural experiences abroad and during home-country-re-entry towards personal growth and development. Together with her students’ research groups, she experiences with By linking theory and practice and creating new experiential formats and “game” settings for intercultural learning - like developing #EROIC (heroic), an Enhence-Room of Intercultural Challenges adapting the escape room format; or CODIS, an intercultural developmental centre with an intercultural observers’ training; or a course on designing intercultural interfaces in companies and institutions.